Hey Mets, Want More People at Citi?

I mean, without putting a contender on the field?  We all know that if you win, they will come.  But right now, the Mets aren’t winning and the homestretch at Citi has seen some pretty bleak crowds in recent years.


Empty seats translates to lost revenue.  So if you have lots of unused inventory and plenty of games left to be played… how about this novel idea?  


If you’re at the game, and the Mets win – they hand you a ticket voucher on the way out the door to come back for another game.  


Sure, you’re giving away free tickets – but c’mon, we know the team has been giving out plenty of them the last few years.  There’s an entire generation of New York youngsters that have been bred on the Yankees during the Jeter years while the Mets have, by and large, wallowed in our collective misery.  


So you’re at that Mets game in May where they win?  You’re loyal till the last out and stay till the end and don’t leave in the eighth inning… how about rewarding those loyal fans with an invite to another game and a ticket in the cheap seats?  


Those seats are going to be empty anyway.  The team can limit the number of the vouchers that be redeemed for any given game.  Not all of the vouchers are going to be used… so why not give it a try?  


It’s a chance to sell more hot dogs and caps.  


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