Rauch – Signed with the Marlins to Win?

Now before you start saying I’m on off my rocker… hear me out?  


I don’t know the guy, I don’t know what was going through his head, and I don’t know what other offers, if any Rauch may or may not have received. 


But you would think… if he signed a one year deal (I think I heard on WFAN it was for $1 million) that the Mets could have ponied up at the very least a matching offer to bring the big man back, right?


So why would he have signed with the Marlins?  Because he wants to win?




We know how the Marlins operate.  If Rauch has a good first half, he’d be prime trade bait to a contender looking to shore up their bullpen for a stretch run.  The Marlins won’t be a fringe team.  If he pitches well… he has a shot to be sent off to a contender, get a shot at a ring, and get a chance at a playoff player’s share.


Just thinking.  But what do I know, right?


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